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A modern approach to planning!

Your retirement plan, may have a fatal flaw in it!

If what you knew to be true about the best way to plan for retirement turned out not to be true, when would you like to know?

Honestly, have you ever considered how well your current plan helps protect you from the consequences of ...

Market Risk? Inflation Risk? Interest Rate Risk? Taxation Risk? Longevity Risk?

And what about an extended health care issues?

Many of the world's most successful investors understand that there is a large universe of alternative investment choices outside of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF's?

When our firm was established back in 1996 our vision was simple....To build a full service, truly independent financial advisory firm!One that would offer a broad variety of today’s most modern investment tools and exposing our clients to cutting edge strategies and products we plan to help you thrive in retirement not just survive!

(Many of these tools are not normally offered by the large brokerage firms, banks advisors or insurance agents)

Tools designed to help you REDUCE, MANAGE & TRANSFER RISK!

Tools designed to create true Asset Class Diversification!

Say good bye to the tired old buy hold and hope method of investing and get into the 21st century of retirement income planning, we are ready to work for you!

Rick & Teresa Reding

Founders, Pinnacle Resource Management, Inc.

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