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Tax Recovery and Expense Reduction for Business Owners

Reduce and recover lost business tax payments and expenses?

Were you aware the Federal Government wants to pay you up to $9,000 per new hire if they qualify for the W.O.T.C. Tax Credit Program?



You're probably thinking, why didn't my CPA tell me this?


The truth is that most CPA's are just not normally staffed and experienced in these very specific area's of auditing. 


We have a potential solution for you that you may love.

What if you could harness the power of a team of forensic auditors and specialized tax incentive experts that were highly experienced in finding money that had already slipped through your fingers in those key areas of business overhead and get it back for you? 

The GOOD NEWS is we can!

Let me introduce you to STRYDE SAVINGS SOLUTIONS!

They and their team have already returned several millions of dollars to business owners all over America.

What they do is revolutionary and it is simple!

They do their work with NO upfront cost to you!

They do the work and if they find money you've already spent and can get it back, then they get paid.

Their total compensation is a small percentage of your new-found money, only after the check has cleared your account. 

If they do not get you a refund, then you pay ZERO, ZIP, NADA!

What have you got to lose, go ahead and look in the sofa might be surprised at what you can find!


STRYDE SAVINGS SOLUTIONS, Madison Avenue Securities and Pinnacle Resource Management are not affiliated companies. No guarantee can be made that savings or refunds will be found in the process of contracting with STRYDE for auditing services.

Per STRYDE service agreement, no fee will be billed if monies are not recovered. See their service agreement for specific percentages of returned money that will be deemed earned by STRYDE.