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Your fiancial plan may have a fatal flaw! Let us help fix that......

What is your families strategy to pay for the tremendous costs associated with LONG TERM CARE?

If your like most families, it is HOPE!

Hope that no one ever gets ill, hope that they have enough money to find professional help!

Lets be honest, that is not a plan.

Click the link below to download a free report that may help you protect your wealth!

Managing Long Term Care Spending Risks in Retirement!

by Wade PFAUF Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, and Michael Finke, Ph.D., CFP® of The American College of Financial Services.

For a confidential Long Term Care risk analysis call us today.

Rick Reding, C.L.T.C.  (775) 786-2213

Download our pre-consultation  -  LTC Plan Organizer  to help us get to

know a little more about your situation and to build a plan tailored specifically for your family.

You may qualify to use a portion of your accumulated savings or retirement accounts and create leverage, and ultimately a tax free stream of income to better protect the rest of your wealth just in case care is required in the future!

You may find that traditional long-term care insurance may not be the best option!

Let us have a conversation about what may be done to help protect those you love and help make sure your able to maintain your independence as you cycle through the 3 phases of retirement. GO GO, SLOW GO and NO GO!

If someone you love is already receiving care and spending down their wealth and you would

like to preserve assets give us a call we may be able to help.

Need clarity on Medicaid spend down planning?

Need information on the Veterans tax free LTC benefits may be available to you or your spouse qualify.

Call us today.

Rick Reding, C.L.T.C.  (775) 786-2213

President, Pinnacle Resource Management, Inc.

Long-Term-Care Protection Strategies

The chances of needing long-term care, its cost, and strategies for covering that cost.
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