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Let's talk about your plan....

When I say the words long term care, what comes to mind?

Insurance?   NO, YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

A place where you go when you get old and can not take care of your self? AGAIN, WRONG!

Then what is it?

Long Term Care is not a place or a product, it is a life altering event.

This event may be so sever in nature that over time the person can become frail and at no fault of their own, they now find themselves forced to look to those they have spent a lifetime caring for and protecting to have no other choice but to put their lives on hold and suddenly need to care for you.

Either progressive which comes on over time like Alzheimer's, or an acute event like heart attack, cancer, a stroke or an accident.

I'm often asked how much of my net worth should I allocate to building a proper long term or extended care strategy?

Well that depends, usually a small portion. But if you chose to ignore this reality, then you may have chosen to allocate more than you want to.

Let us have an adult conversation about what may be done to help protect those you love and help make sure your able to maintain your independent as you cycle through the 3 phases of retirement. 

Rick Reding, CLTC

President, Pinnacle Resource Management, Inc.